Why Are My Emails Going To Spam?

December 27, 2022

There are many reasons that mailbox providers could flag your email as spam.  Here are the most common reasons we see and how to fix them! Sending From a Public Domain If you send messages from a free domain like gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc., your messages will likely go to the spam folder. Make sure to send…

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ADA & WCAG Compliance Gets Our Attention Again

December 27, 2022

In 2019, before the pandemic, it became apparent that as website stewards, we needed to provide our clients with a solution that prevented them from being a target for lawsuits concerning ADA compliant. Website owners surprisingly had become targets. (See “In the Media” below.) We came up with a solution at the time but found…

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Does ChatGPT spell the end of blogging?

December 27, 2022

The resource ChatGPT, is an artificial intelligence robot launched recently that enables individuals to ask questions as well as, minutes later on, get well-written responses that are strangely human. Nearly right away, millions started trying the tool. While the robot’s solution to academic concerns wasn’t ideal, they were very close to what teachers would get…

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An Introduction To Email Deliverability

December 26, 2022

What is deliverability, and why is it important? Deliverability measures how many of your emails are going to Subscribers’ inboxes vs. their spam folders. After putting so much work into your email marketing, you want to be sure that your Subscribers are actually seeing your messages! This is why deliverability is crucial.  How is deliverability…

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Productized services are standardized and delivered in a consistent, predefined way, with a set price and list of included features. Traditional IT services, on the other hand, are customized for each individual client and may involve more one-on-one interaction between the business and the client. They are typically time based and more expensive.

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